Andrew is a passionate, energizing leader who has been involved in speaking and leadership development for more than a decade. Having experiences in the corporate world, directing non-profits, and as a pastor, Andrew is able to connect with a wide audience as he speaks. He has given talks in a variety of different contexts (from inside a barn to a 3000 seat theater), and to a number of different audiences (from a Kindergarten class to retirement communities). As a Leadership Coach & Consultant, Andrew brings a concern for "down to earth," real problems to his message. He also has long been fascinated with the many different concepts within Psychology and Brain-Science, so many of his talks are built on modern research and the great work of many scientists.

Over the years, Andrew's speaking style has developed into a high-energy, humorous story-telling approach, that brings the audience along on an emotionally-connected journey. Whether you're looking for some inspiration and motivation, practical lessons for leaders, or tips on generating greater productivity, his message and speaking style will connect with your audience.

Andrew lives in Seattle, WA with his wife, Katie, and two daughters, where he enjoys the outdoors, local sports teams, and the great game of Pickle Ball! Andrew is looking forward to connecting with your event, and helping you and your audience live life to the fullest!

What You Get When Working With Andrew:








  • Andrew will hold pre-event calls to clarify desired outcomes, learn your goals, and better understand the everyday lives of your attendees.

  • Andrew will partner with you to promote the event for increased attendance and greater engagement.

  • Andrew will customize his presentation to connect best with the audience and to fit best with the event’s needs.

  • Andrew is flexible to engage with Executives, Meeting Planners, or Attendees through calls, videos, interviews, and/or other ways you think will help the event succeed.


  • Andrew will arrive early and connect with event staff and attendees.

  • Andrew will continue to engage with Social Media to continue promoting the event.

  • Andrew will bring all necessary equipment, resources, and materials, having backup options as well as the readiness to present without technology if necessary.

  • Andrew will stick around after his presentation to engage with the event and attendees.


  • Andrew will touch base with you to express gratitude and hear your feedback.

  • Andrew can customize some follow-up resources if desired to share with attendees.

  • Andrew will offer positive reviews of your event and connect you with other speakers.