dialing in focus:

Many of us waste too much time being unproductive, lacking focus, or trying to get unstuck. Our workload grows, our motivation disappears, and our results are minimal. Often, this is because we are working against our brains without knowing it. In this talk, Andrew gives insight into how our brains work, shares applicable "brain-hacks" to revolutionize your productivity and focus, and inspires the audience to change for good. With modern research and inspiring stories, audience members will learn how to stay organized, find focus, and achieve new levels of productivity.

Whether you want to increase sales, organize your work week, or learn how to stay focused, this keynote will be the talk of your workplace for months to come!

I loved learning about how insecurities impact productivity. Andrew had awesome insights to help us be more creative, productive, and stable!
— Vanessa R., Director of Marketing


  • Insight into what our brains need to be productive

  • Applicable "brain-hacks" for focus, productivity, and creativity

  • Usable exercises for getting focused

  • Inspiration and motivation for peak performance and big results